Philips Wide 82 cm 100 HZ Ravan ekran

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80 EUR

Lokacija: Beograd
Proizvodi : Televizori i projektori
Philips WIDE 82 cm. 32 inca, Ravan ekran, TXT, 100 kanala, formati slike 16-9, 4-3, 14-9, zoom, deli sliku na pola, automatsko trazenje-memorisanje kanala, Sroski meni, originalni daljinski, extra TV. Donet iz inostranstva. Testiran, ispravan. . . . . .

Widescreen TV with Digital
Crystal Clear
32 "
Real flat 100Hz digital scan
Turn up your viewing experience
with Crystal Clear
This widescreen TV delivers an outstanding B
ildqualitä t thanks Real Flat picture tube while
a power of 100 Hz, a more stable,
realistic picture guarantees that your eyes
spares. Virtual Dolby Surround expands your viewing experience to another dimension.
Vivid, natural and razor sharp images
• Real Flat picture tube technology brings you lifelike images
• 100Hz Digital Scan produces a smoother
s and more pleasant to the eye image
• Crystal Clear improves picture depth
• Scan Velocity Modulation Improves definition and contrast
Superb sound reproduction
• Virtual Dolby Surround for a cinema-like audio experience
Designed for your convenience
• Text dual screen for simultaneous display of teletext and TV channel
• Twin page teletext allows simultaneous viewing of two pages
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