Originalni francuski parfemi "Fragonard"

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Lokacija: Kruševac
Proizvodi : Ženska
Na prodaju 2 parfema "Fragonard" 100% ORIGINAL!
1."Etoile" Perfume 76% vol

The ladies of Provence wore broaches known as stars of Digne and regarded as lucky charms. This was our inspiration for Etoile: The newest of our eaux de toilette for women, it is a woody, floral scent with citrus accents. It has top notes of ginger-spiced lemon, apple and bergamot orange; heart notes of gardenia, lily of the valley, and jasmine; and bottom notes of cedar, amber, and musk.

2. "Belle de nuit" Perfume 76% vol

Belle de Nuit is an original, deep rich harmony of flowers and fruit on a warm velvety bottom note of musk. A precious fragrance, as magical as an Arabian night!
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