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In the heart of the north is the village of Potrk on the border between two towns
Mojkovac and Bijelo Polje
This property covers 166613m². Surrounded by forests and meadows, it gives the real impression of an air spa.
This area is almost all physically usable for agricultural purposes, possible construction in any form, both solid and temporary.
The property is 80% in meadows and hills, 20% are forests. There are legalized buildings on the property, both residential and auxiliary.
Electricity and water were provided throughout the property.
The property is entirely for sale and can also be parceled out as needed by interested clients.
The village of Potrk is untouched nature, the relief forms are colorful and beautiful for rest and meditation.
Untouched nature gives peace and gives the impression that you are far from civilization.
This plot is located in such a position that it is possible to reach it from 3 directions, 12 km from the direction of Mojkovac, 26 km from the direction of Bijelo Polje and on the road from the direction of Pljevlja. I must also emphasize that access to this property is an asphalt road.
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