7 Inch 3G Enabled Android Tablet "Domino" - 8

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120 EUR

Lokacija: Beograd
Proizvodi : Laptopovi
7 Inch Android Tablet featuring 3G connectivity capabilities as well as a resolution of 800x480 and a 1.2GHz CPU is a great cheap way to enter into the Android tablet market.

Fall into line with this low priced 3G enabled 7 inch tablet PC known as the “Domino”. This tablet greets you with a 7 inch screen that is 5 point capacitive meaning it will detect the faintest touch of your finger in numerous areas. Simply by inserting a 3G card you will be able to surf the internet whenever you are out of range of any Wi-Fi hotspot, and in addition you can let others connect to you as a portable WiFi hotspot due to the 3G tethering function of the “Domino”. In addition, insert a 2G SIM card and you will be able to make phone calls straight from your tablet!

This tablet is a great investment, especially for anyone wanting to dip their toe into the tablet PC or Android market without breaking the bank. The resolution of the display is a generous 800x480, which will provide a clear display to stream videos or play games in clear quality. The engine driving this budget priced tablet is a 1.2GHz processor, which is ideal to drive this tablet along with the Android operating system which allows customization of this device as well as the ability to connect to the Google Play store to take advantage of the over 700,000 applications to download from. This tablet even has a front-facing and rear camera, which makes it perfect for the inner photographer in you. Save your data and media on the 4GB of internal memory or give it a boost via the micro SD card port that can accept and support up to an additional 32GB. If internet is around then you can use this tablet to connect via WiFi, and as this “Domino” tablet has a WiFi N connection, it ensures a stronger and faster connection.
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