Phillips DVD R70

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50 EUR

Lokacija: Beograd
Proizvodi : Video i DVD plejeri
Prodaje se malo korišćeni dvd rekorder bez hard diska ( i dalje tražen model zbog kvaliteta snimanja). Rekorder je neogreban i malo korišćen 100% ispravan i prodaje se za 50 evra. Ps u samom rekorderu psostoji slot za stavljanje mini hard diska sa lap topa od 3.5 INCHA.

Philips DVDR 70 . . . quality copies on DVD from TV and camcorder tapes and play DVD, CD, CD-R/RW or MP3-CD. Index Picture Screen gives you visual read-out of disc table-of-contents.

Naturally, you'll want to share your DVDs with all of your family and friends. For this reason, every Philips DVD Recorder offers you two-way compatibility. This means they can play all of the DVD and CD discs you already have, while the DVDs you create will play on virtually all DVD-Video players.

An intuitive onscreen menu that makes it easy to keep track of all the picture-perfect digital recordings you've stored on the disc. This enables you to make simple scene selections at the touch of a button - just select the scene you want and press 'Play' to watch it instantly.

Only DVD can bring an authentic cinema-style home entertainment experience into your living room. And thanks to the latest range of DVD Recorders from Philips, the picture quality of the DVDs you create at home can be just as good as the DVDs you currently rent or buy.

Audio is digitally encoded in Dolby AC-3 (USA) or MPEG Audio (Europe). As a result, the sound quality of a recording, like the picture quality, is comparable to that of pre-packaged DVD-Video discs.

The Philips DVD Recorder uses the same discs as DVD+RW drives in PCs. What's more, the discs you record will play on existing DVD-ROM drives. And with the right software/hardware package for your PC, you can make sophisticated video edits on your DVD+RW discs.

Thanks to Variable Bit Rate technology, this Philips DVD recorder gives you a choice of 6 recording modes. This ensures there's a mode that's right for anything you want to record.
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